The following table summarizes the experimental results of
Dri-It® and DampRid® tested at 90%RH (Relative Humidity), 40°C (Celsius) for eight days.

Product Tested

% Absorption Capacity







Our Goal:  To evaluate and report the performance of a product identified as DampRid®, and to make a comparison of performance to our Dri-It® pouch, under identical conditions of 40°C and 90% RH. Pure Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) was tested as a control.

The products were carefully opened, observed, and inspected. Dimensions and characteristics were recorded. The DampRid® products were placed in the humidity chamber at the conditions 40°C, 90% RH for eight days. The products were weighed, observed, and photographed throughout the duration of the test.

The DampRid® products gained moisture but the majority was gained within the first day and then the rate began to level off, while the Dri-It® product continued to gain absorbed moisture for the duration of the testing period.
.PDF Report of Dri-It versus DampRid Moisture Absorber Comparison


absorption test 1


absorption test 2