3 Simple Steps to Help Prevent Mold, Mildew, Odors and Rust
with Dri-It® Moisture Absorber

3 simple steps to remove moisture and protect your possesions

Step One: Remove Dri-It® pouch(es) and humidity indicator card from foil bag. Recommended amount: One to two pouches for every 50 cubic feet (5'x5'x2'). Pouch life will vary depending on humidity conditions. If moisture is a problem to the point that condensation is visible, two pouches will work best to quickly bring the humidity levels down. The 2 pouch bag of Dri-It is resealable to keep unused pouches dry.

Step Two: Determine location for best results. If there are any options, position Dri-It® as high as possible, as moisture rises. In a closet, this could be on a top shelf, or on the inside lid of a storage container. The more air-tight the location is, the better Dri-It® can work.

Please Note: When choosing a location to place the Dri-It® pouch, please consider the weight of the "full" pouch. A completely saturated pouch will weigh over 12 ounces.

For delicate surfaces: Leave the brown film on the back of the Dri-It® pouch and place it print-side up. This is important for 2 reasons:
1) The printed side of the Dri-It® is the side where the moisture enters the pouch and is turned into a gel. Blocking this will reduce the effectiveness of the Dri-It® material to absorb the moisture.
2) Occasionally there is a chemical reaction between the printing on the pouch and different surfaces. To avoid damaging paint, wallpaper or other surfaces, keep the printed side up.

For non-delicate surfaces: Peel brown film off the back of the Dri-It® pouch and stick it where needed. Do not place the printed side of the Dri-It® pouch in direct contact with metal.

Then step back and let Dri-It® do its job!

Step Three: Replace the Dri-It® pouch when it feels completely like a gel, which means it is saturated. This could be a matter of days or a few weeks, depending on the amount of excess moisture that needs to be removed. Dispose with your regular residential waste and replace with a new Dri-It® pouch. Use the Dri-It humidity indicator card to help you determine the relative humidity level. The highest pink dot on the card indicates the current level of humidity. The dots continue to change color as humidity fluctuates.