Help Keep Your Guns, Gear, Ammo and Equipment Dry and Free from Rust, Corrosion and Other Humidity-caused Damage

Law Enforcement officers know the importance of keeping their firearms free from rust and in top working condition. Many carry an assortment of other equipment in their cars which may be susceptible to damage caused by high humidity conditions. This is especially true if it is stored inside the the trunk

Moisture control for law enforcement gear.
area which is susceptible to wide temperature swings which can lead to an increase in condensation. Dri-It® can help prevent rust and corrosion caused by moisture condensation from forming on your guns, gear and electronics, and molds and mildew from growing on belts, jackets, papers and other items that can be damaged by excess humidity.

If you think your trunk is airtight and watertight, the more you need Dri-It®. Moisture enters and becomes trapped inside every time you open and close it.

Keeping Dri-It inside the car trunk will insure that the moisture is quickly removed and trapped inside the gel, thus helping protect your guns and equipment from rust, mold and mildew.

One of the founding partners of Dri-It, inc., Bob Young, is a former Chief of Police in Cedar Park, Texas and understands the needs of other fellow officers. Here's what he has to say:
As a former Law Enforcement Officer, I know how important it is to keep emergency gear, weapons, and supplies normally stored in your Police Car trunks dry at all times. To prove that Dri-It performs well in trunks, I placed a hygrometer in one car WITHOUT Dri-It, and a hygrometer in another WITH 2 pouches of Dri-It in the trunk.

The trunk WITH Dri-It stabilized (with trunk lid closed) at around 30%RH for almost 3 months before the pouches filled up and needed to be replaced.

The Relative Humidity in the trunk WITHOUT Dri-It varied, with RH ranging as high as 90%RH, down to a low of 50%RH*.

*Corrosion/Rust begins at 45%RH, Mold starts forming at 60%RH.

These results mean that trunks with Dri-It will keep things dry so flares don't become too damp to work; stored ammo stays dry; weapons don't rust; etc.

It also works the same way in the passenger compartment of Police Cars and SUV's. Someone in a Command Capacity who carries a lot of gear might appreciate the fact that dampness won't be a problem with his gear.

Protecting your equipment and ammunition from moisture damage is easy. Simply place the suggested number of pouches in your vehicle so that air can flow around them. Then let Dri-It® do it's job of absorbing excess moisture and helping prevent moisture damage like rust and corrosion from starting. Moisture penetrates through the printed label side of the Dri-It pouch where it is turned into a gel and is trapped inside the pouch. When the pouches get full and feel completely ‘gel-like’, simply dispose of them in your standard residential or commercial waste and replace with fresh pouches.

The chart below provides a starting point for the number of pouches needed for different uses.
The ideal amount for your situation will vary depending on many factors, including your normal relative humidity levels; Corrosion/Rust starts forming at 45% RH and Mold & Mildew at 60% RH.
Storage volume is based on 50 cu. ft. (an area 5 ft. x 5 ft. x 2 ft.).

The actual amount you may need will depend on variables such as how watertight/airtight your trunk and vehicle are, if you live in a normally humid environment, how often the trunk is opened, etc..
Police & Emergency Vehicles Minimum Suggested
Number of Pouches

Passenger Compartment




Large Vans


SUV (Cabin area)


Portable Gun Box


Ammo Box




  • You do not have to worry about over-drying with Dri-It, and you cannot put too many pouches in an area. Dri-It is designed to lower RH no lower than 30%. Extra pouches will simply share the moisture load and extend the time between changing pouches for new ones.
  • When choosing a location to place the Dri-It® pouch, please consider the weight of the "full" pouch. A completely saturated pouch will weigh over 12 ounces. The adhesive on the pouch is designed to hold a full pouch for an extended period of time, however due to temperature fluctuations and other factors (cleanliness of the mounting surface, etc.), the pouch may pull loose after a while.
  • The printed side of the Dri-It® pouch is the side where the moisture enters and is turned into a gel. Blocking this will reduce the effectiveness of the Dri-It material to absorb moisture.
  • Occasionally there is a chemical reaction between the printing on the pouch and different surfaces. To avoid damaging paint, wallpaper or other surfaces, keep the printed side up. Do not place the printed side of the Dri-It® pouch in direct contact with metal.