Prevent rust, corrosion, mold, and mildew from damaging your personal belongings with Dri-It® - a new generation of moisture and humidity control products.

Dri-It® wages a pre-emptive strike to prevent mildew, mold, rust, corrosion and other moisture damage by controlling the relative humidity level in an enclosed area.

Dri-It helps prevent mold,mildew,rust and corrosion. In doing so, Dri-It® reduces the dew point temperature, or the temperature at which moisture turns into condensation, thus helping to keep valuables like clothing, furniture, boats, RV's, automobiles and carpeting dry and free from rust, mold, mildew and their odors and other damage caused by excess moisture and humidity.

Dri-It® is capable of absorbing up to 300 percent of its weight in moisture. While other moisture absorbing products turn humidity into a spillable, potentially damaging liquid, Dri-It's innovative design allows water vapor to easily enter the interior of the pouch, where it is transformed into a thick gel that will not leak or escape. When the Dri-It® has turned completely into a gel, the pouch may no spill moisture remover to prevent rust, mold and mildew simply be disposed of with your common household trash.

Dri-It® is conveniently packaged to handle a variety of different applications, wherever you may want to eliminate mildew, control mold and odors, prevent rust and corrosion, and help prevent other harmful, and often irreversible effects, of excess moisture. Dri-It® is also available in bulk pouches without the retail package to help remove excess moisture from large spaces like basements and cellars, motorhomes, storage units and more.

When moisture protection is needed, don't settle for inferior products, use the new industry leader in moisture control and protection
Dri-It®. is proud to present the newest offering from Dri-It® - The RV, Marine and Storage Unit Pack.

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