Moisture and Mold Problems: Preventing and Solving Them in Your Home

Prevent Mold, Mildew & Their Odors from
Keeping Your Home Smelling Fresh

Dri-It® pouches can be placed virtually anywhere to help prevent odors caused by excess moisture that eanbles mold and mildew to grow in small, not-very-well ventilated areas around your home. Since there are no pails of liquid and chemicals for children or pets to get into or to worry about spilling when full, the places you can put Dri-It® are practically limitless.
Here are some of the reported uses for Dri-It inside your home:

Under the Sink Cabinets

  • Kitchen and bathroom under-the-sink cabinets often smell moldy and musty from the moisture around them all the time. Simply lay a pouch or two of Dri-It® on a shelf or out of the way by attaching to the inside of the cabinets to help remove the excess moisture and reduce the growth of molds and mildews.

As you can see, the uses for Dri-It® are only limited by your imagination.

Wherever you have moisture issues, from personal items and household goods to your vehicles and more, Dri-It® is often a good first choice for moisture removal and prevention of rust, mold, mildew and odors.

Let us know what uses you find for it!

The chart below provides a starting point for the number of pouches needed for different uses.
The ideal amount for your situation will vary depending on many factors, including your normal relative humidity levels; Corrosion/Rust starts forming at 45% RH and Mold & Mildew at 60% RH.
Storage volume is based on 50 cu. ft. (an area 5 ft. x 5 ft. x 2 ft.).

The actual amount you may need will depend on variables such as how much moisture the item can retain, how watertight and airtight the cover or container is, if it is stored in a shed or in the open, etc..
Other Items and Places That Can
Be Protected with Dri-It®
Minimum Suggested
Number of Pouches

Covered Yard Equipment


Covered BBQ Grill


Golf Bag      Help Protect that Investment from Rust Pitting


Tool Box (small to medium)    Help Keep Your Tools from Rusting


Tool Chest or Cabinet (large)      Without Applying an Oily Film


Sports Bag     (add extra if shoes also carried in bag)


Fishing Tackle box


Fishing Waders, Rubber Boots

1 each

Camping Gear - Tents, Sleeping Bags, Back Packs

1-2 each enclosed item

Single Door Under-the-Sink Cabinet, in the Laundry Room, Bath or Kitchen - anywhere the air is extra humid


Double Door Under-the-Sink Cabinet, in the Laundry Room, Bath or Kitchen - anywhere items can be damaged by too much moisture




  • You do not have to worry about over-drying with Dri-It, and you cannot put too many pouches in an area. Dri-It is designed to lower RH no lower than 30%. Extra pouches will simply share the moisture load and extend the time between changing pouches for new ones.
  • When choosing a location to place the Dri-It® pouch, please consider the weight of the "full" pouch. A completely saturated pouch will weigh over 12 ounces. The adhesive on the pouch is designed to hold a full pouch for an extended period of time, however due to temperature fluctuations and other factors (cleanliness of the mounting surface, etc.), the pouch may pull loose after a while.
  • The printed side of the Dri-It® pouch is the side where the moisture enters and is turned into a gel. Blocking this will reduce the effectiveness of the Dri-It material to absorb moisture.
  • Occasionally there is a chemical reaction between the printing on the pouch and different surfaces. To avoid damaging paint, wallpaper or other surfaces, keep the printed side up. Do not place the printed side of the Dri-ItŪ pouch in direct contact with metal.