Moisture and Mold Problems: Preventing and Solving Them in Your Home

Prevent Mold, Mildew, Rust & Corrosion from Damaging
Your Personal Water Craft and Boats

Owners of boats and personal water craft like jet-skis are always fighting the issue of excess moisture,

Place Dri-It under your boat cover to prevent mildew and mold
even when their boats and PWCs are not in the water. Covers designed to keep rain out and protect the boat can trap moisture underneath them. With changing temperatures this moisture can condense on a variety of surfaces such as seats, cushions and life jackets which can lead to problems with mold & mildew, or exposed metal surfaces which can allow rust & corrosion to develop. Even a simple cover over an outboard motor can trap moisture around the engine, possibly leading to rust and corrosion problems.

Let Dri-It® come to the rescue and remove that excess moisture and help prevent mold, mildew, and rust from damaging your valuable boat!

prevent mildew damage to boat seats

Dri-It® can simply be placed evenly around the body of the boat, anywhere underneath the cover where air can circulate around it. The higher the better since the moisture will want to rise to the top of the covered area. To give extra protection to those critical areas such as around the electronic instruments and radios, tuck or attach an extra pouch in the console to help absorb extra moisture there. Dri-It will immediately start to do it's job of absorbing excess moisture and helping prevent mold, mildew and rust damage. Moisture will penetrate through the printed label side of the Dri-It pouch where it is turned into a gel and is trapped inside the pouch. When the pouch gets full and feels completely ‘gel-like’, simply dispose in your standard waste and replace with a fresh pouch.

prevent mold mildew on boats by removing excess moisture

For larger boats with enclosed cabins, place 3-5 pouches per 4' x5' x7' area to keep everything dry between outings. If you have wet items or clothing such as life jackets, that are stored in an attached locker or closet, you may wish to add additional pouches with them to trap that extra moisture while they dry. If you take your boat out frequently, you can extend the life of the Dri-It® pouches by simply returning them to the zip-lock moisture barrier bag they came in (2 pouch bag only) to prevent them from absorbing excess moisture while you are out on the water. When you return to dock, simply re-distribute the pouches around the boat.

prevent mold and mildew on boat seats with Dri-It

Dri-It® pouches may also be placed inside enclosed engine compartments to offer extra protection for the engine against rust and corrosion. Be sure to remove all pouches from the compartment before the engine is started and do not place pouches directly on a hot engine.

If you have a large boat requiring many pouches of Dri-It®, please see our bulk quantities of Dri-It pouches available without the individual retail packaging.


The chart below provides a starting point for the number of pouches needed for different uses.
The ideal amount for your situation will vary depending on many factors, including your normal relative humidity levels; Corrosion/Rust starts forming at 45% RH and Mold & Mildew at 60% RH.
Storage volume is based on 50 cu. ft. (an area 5 ft. x 5 ft. x 2 ft.).

The actual amount you may need will depend on variables such as how many moisture retaining items (seat cushions, carpeting, etc.) there are, how watertight the cover is, stored in a shed or in the open, etc..
Covered Boats &
Personal Water Craft
Minimum Suggested
Number of Pouches

8' to 15'


15' to 25'


26' to 35'


36' to 45'


46' to 55'


56' to 65'






  • You do not have to worry about over-drying with Dri-It, and you cannot put too many pouches in an area. Dri-It is designed to lower RH no lower than 30%. Extra pouches will simply share the moisture load and extend the time between changing pouches for new ones.
  • When choosing a location to place the Dri-It® pouch, please consider the weight of the "full" pouch. A completely saturated pouch will weigh over 12 ounces. The adhesive on the pouch is designed to hold a full pouch for an extended period of time, however due to temperature fluctuations and other factors (cleanliness of the mounting surface, etc.), the pouch may pull loose after a while.
  • The printed side of the Dri-It® pouch is the side where the moisture enters and is turned into a gel. Blocking this will reduce the effectiveness of the Dri-It material to absorb moisture.
  • Occasionally there is a chemical reaction between the printing on the pouch and different surfaces. To avoid damaging paint, wallpaper or other surfaces, keep the printed side up. Do not place the printed side of the Dri-ItŪ pouch in direct contact with metal.